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"Whether the Pinecones choose a noisy and raucous or melodic and carnival-esque delivery, each of their sharp tunes comes set in charming, quirky, horn-rimmed frames." — Kelly B.,

"The Pinecones will open doors you never even dreamed existed." - Patrick Dennis, LA Guardian

"...the kind of visionary quality that distinguishes a U2 or a Bruce Springsteen..." - Robert Sideburn, LA Times-Picayune

"This record makes me want to get up and boogie." - Richard Nixon (no relation)

"I remember this one time I went to see Nirvana, right before they broke, and they were so cool, and I felt so cool being there. I was a rock critic, watching a band I loved, and then I was going to write about them. I will never forget that concert." - Gina R. Nulled, Spun

"These guys are from Frisco and who gives a s**t?!" - Casey Kasem (no relation)

"***** (five stars). Brilliant!" - Andy's mother

"I swallowed a bug." - Marlon Brando

"They've got so much power now, it's not even funny." - Anonymous

"I laughed, I cried, I went through all the emotions." - Dorothy Parker Posey

"Thank you for submitting your CD. I get a lot of CD's every day, and unfortunately, I can't listen to every single one. Good luck in your career. Sincerely," - Robert Christgouch, Village Vice

"I'm the original rapper." - Lou Read, Rock 'n' Roll Animal

"Rock music that doesn't rock...novelty music without the novelty...atrocious...offensively mediocre. You're far better off buying the new Pinecones CD, a sparkling, witty affair with hooks galore." — Robert Sideburn, L.A. Times-Picayune, reviewing the new U2 CD.

"Like Motorhead on ecstacy and weed, partying in a psychedelic hot tub with the B-52's. Highly recommended, if you're a wuss." — Leroy Godsmack, Kerrang!

"The most exciting conceptual artists since Sigue Sigue Sputnik." — Malcolm McLaren (no relation)

"If I were still alive, I would call the arrival of Shirley Kramer the most important cultural event of the last twenty years." — Lester Bangs, Creemy

"Move over Oasis, here come the Pinecones!" — Nick Kant, Nude Musical Express

"This CD explains why I'm running away to be an airline hostess." — Sheryl Crowe, Roiling Stone

"If a guy called Camden Joy starts hanging around your gigs, take my advice and tell him to get lost." — David Lowery-Seasonedsalt, musician

"The lyrics are hilarious and the cd booklet is a hoot!" — Ulla Hald, 415 Inc.

"That's a great CD, man! v e r y impressive! the sound is most excellent, and i got a good laff from the lyrics. dig it!" — Rupert Adley, SolidImages

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