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The Pinecones have been diggin' through the vaults this week and have unearthed a videocassette of rare power and import: the grand opening of Kitty Katty's Roadside Shack in August, 1998. While the quality of the picture is far from stellar, we feel its value as an archival document compels us to post an excerpt. We've chosen a cover tune (one of several they played that night): Kitty Kitty Meow.

We sent a copy of Shirley Kramer to America's patron saint of novelty songs, Dr. Demento in early March of 2002, but he never played any of it. I guess we're just not as demented as those guys who do "Livin' La Vida Broka." Oh stop it! My sides! When I was in junior high, I sent him a petition to get "Argument Clinic" in the Top Ten, but he didn't play that either. :(


Witness at right the legendary Druid holy site, Conehenge, built from 1000 copies of the CD and immediately dismantled due to overwhelming demand for its constituent parts. Miraculously, parts of the original still survive, some 15 months after the original erection of the site. Many of those parts will be sent to college radio stations in this spring of rebirth and renewal.

Love "Planet X" but always preferred the live version to the arrangement on the album? Here's 21 seconds of thrilling footage of the band's psychedelic arrangement of "Planet X." Thanks to Christoph for QuickTime assistance, and Sara for videography.

pinecones rock!From the Sir Not Appearing In This Film department: very compressed steaming video of the 'Cones performing the all-new gay adolescent vampire anthem, "Dracula's Little Brother." This song is not on Shirley Kramer, though it could appear on the next Pinecones album, in oh I don't know about five years probably. Those with T1 lines may prefer to experience the higher-res version. Then again, they may fear the increased fidelity. Go on, don't be frightened; it's not nearly as gruesome as Jason X. Nor as popular, unfortunately. But then, who hasn't dreamed of the day when Jason would attack the crew of a spaceship?

And now for something completely different: a few photos from the infamous "Day on the Lawn 3" gig in - when was that? 1998? Anyway, the backyard music fest was headlined by our friends and neighbors, Warm Wires, and opened by the Nu-Tone Wranglers, who brought their old-timey country harmonies to a delighted crowd. As a special surprise, the Wranglers included a Pinecones song in their set. The Pinecones wowed the crowd with their usual blend of high-octane rock 'n' roll and wacky costumes. Among the select cover tunes they performed that day was the Eno classic, King's Lead Hat.

andymichael and shawnandrew and phil

For a thrilling band bio and a few realaudio versions of our tunes, check out our site on the recursively archived Internet Underground Music Archive ( You may continue to purchase Shirley Kramer for yourself, friends, family, casual acquaintances, enemies and others by going to the amazingly-still-standing CDBaby, who took over fulfillment for iuma over ten years ago.

New press clippings continue to pour in from fans around the world, now more than ever. The Reviews page was last updated on January 8, 2002, for which we offer profuse apologies.

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