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The Pinecones - Peace Pop for Now PeopleTM
Proud to be an East Bay pop combo

Shirley Kramer CD coverTired of waiting for the next Radiohead record? You can get your very own personal Pinecones CD from the fabbo CDBaby.

Yes, you crazies, we are just pleased as punch to confirm we have not yet sold out our supply of the most-lauded CD of the century, Shirley Kramer! In the year 2000, The Pinecones created that diamond in the rough, with 16 tracks of buzzsaw pop, jazzy abstraction and goofy lyrics, and an album-closing instrumental lullaby. Recorded, mixed and mastered in spurts over the course of nearly two years, the disc features catchy tunes like "Baseball Cards," "Pasta Primavera" and a country/disco/electronica version of the Flaming Lips classic, "Bad Days." The packaging alone is worth the price, with Michael Wertz's illustrations lavishly splashed across 16 vivid full-color pages designed by Sara Cambridge. The booklet also features liner notes by famed critic Byron Mirth of Maximum Rock 'N' Roll Analysis magazine.

Buy the CD

Cry before you buy! You can download mp3's of several tracks and see a few photos of the Pinecones on the Shirley Kramer preview page. What you will not see on the Shirley Kramer preview page is the new version of the 1998 video of "Kitty Kitty Meow." You'll find a link to that video on the News page.

The Pinecones continue to amass support on the radio and on the net. Read all about it. And hey, thanks to all you fans out there. Remember, The Pinecones wouldn't be where they are today without your unwavering support.

(The Pinecones  Oakland, CA 94610)

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